Don’t Discard Broken Motors

Don’t Discard Broken Motors

Bring them to Rig Electric for repairs

There’s no reason to throw away broken motors or generators. The professionals at Rig Electric are skilled at motor and generator rewind and repair work.

Just bring your motor or generator to our repair shop. We can work on all AC and DC makes and models. If the generator is too big to bring to us, we also provide mobile preventive maintenance services. You can count on us for repairs no matter what time of day you need them. Get in touch with us now for commercial motor and generator repairs.

Count on our in-house engineering staff

Don’t turn to a repair shop that will ship your equipment off to another company. We can handle most motor and generator services in-house. Our in-house engineering services include:

  • Performance verification and analysis
  • Motor redesign
  • UL re-rating

You’ll be impressed with our detailed work and honest assessments. Contact us today to get your electrical equipment back up and running.